AVEA is the operational model of all services offered by
soluzionimuseali- ims

Our experience has taught us that in any situation, the best way forward requires 4 phases: A-V-E-A.

What sets us apart is the attention we give to listening to the Client’s needs and the proposal of a learning method that includes a practical phase.

To Listen for soluzionimuseali ims means to understand the Client, to study and to share their workplace. This leads us to have a holistic
approach during the analysis and final elaboration, making us able to recognise different aspects and to maintain a 360° perspective.

The final elaboration of the strategies will be then specifically tailored, starting from a careful evaluation of context, needs and general feasibility.
This way we can guarantee results and optimal implementation.
We have determined that the practical phase is of fundamental experience in ensuring a complete learning journey because it helps to develop
the project planning abilities and it allows showing the limits and opportunities of the theoretical phases.

AVEA is our project planning method, adaptable to your cultural institution.


Our communication with the client is based
on listening to their needs, even the unexpressed ones


Context analysis, risks, strengths
and weaknesses, cost and benefits, feasibility


The project, strategies and solutions are born
from the combination of all previous phase


In between the study and the practical application, there are
always margins of improvement that we need to be able to recognise