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Looking inside the “Cabinet” twenty-one years after – S.E. Weil ICOM MEMORIAL LECTURES 2016

In September, this year, the international meeting of museum professionals will renew at the 25th ICOM General Conference in Kyoto. Among the various sessions, to my personal point of view, the ones who are paramount interesting are the memorial lectures and above all the one in memory of Stephen E. Weil . The long-term sight and the sharpness of his thought and analysis I try to summarise in my speech at the general conference in Milan 2016. Here you can read the text.


Let’s celebrate the Darwin Day 2016 – Natural History Museum of Milan


The Natural History Museum of Milan chooses a topic on the sexual strategies and reproduction that will be illustrated by specialists in different sectors of evolution. From the 18th to the 21st of Febrauary at the Natural History Museum of Milan. It will be interesting to take part in this debate with many implications in present time society.

To download the programme, you can find it here: Darwin_Day_2016_Milano:  COSÌ FAN TUTTI: Strategie sessuali e riproduzione nel mondo vivente