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The Genius of a Place

It happens that when a small town becomes a steady destination of a tourism that seems almost like a pilgrimage, tourism itself might become so invasive to distort the soul of that place and to compromise its balance.

This is the case of Cortona, an old village in Tuscany, which became famous thanks to the success of the best seller “Under the Tuscan Sun” written by Frances Mayes.

The Genius of a Place is an independent documentary, realized by Sarah Marder and Olo Creative Farm, in which the director has followed for five years the life of the inhabitants of the village, investigating the economic development brought by tourism and its related problems.

Training courses – lifelong learning process


to learn how to communicate in the visual age.

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quality levels for regional recognition

soluzionimuseali-ims organizes refresher and training courses on the areas of Ministerial Decree 113 of 21 February 2018 (Adoption of uniform minimum levels of quality for museums and places of culture of public belonging and activation of the National Museum System) for recognition at the level regional and national.

The new face of the professions – by Anna Zinola – La Nuvola del Lavoro del Corriere



In January I made a long chat with a good journalist, Anna Zinola, who writes for this on-line section of the Corriere della Sera, talking about how professions in the museum field will evolve.
The article focuses just on some aspects of our talkings but we all know that an essay could be written on the topic not just an article.
Anyway, it is interesting to start a debate, far from the every-day schemes and from the dedicated channels, in order to understand how the sector is evolving on the whole and to provide some hints mainly to the many young professionals.

If you want to read it, you can downlod the pdf here  or go directly to the link of Nuvola del Lavoro