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A new way of thinking…making a museum

thinkingA museum or an exhibition is not made with objects, it is made with people. People who created the objects; people who study, who research, who conserve; people who display; people who visit and learn.

Making a museum means dealing with people, learning and understanding their desires, expectations, needs…

Making a museum means listening: first of all to the objects and to the display space display and understanding their multiple meanings.

Making a museum means talking at length: with directors, with curators, with conservators; with administrators; with architects, graphic designers, technicians… with people and communities.

Making a museum means telling the stories that after all the listening and the talking can be added to the history of the objects.

Intrart – a product we suggest

Intrart is a startup in which we trust. They developed Tour Multimediale, a specific tool for smartphones that allows the audience to visit your Museum in a very easy way but thoroughoutly: browse the objects of the Museums from your smartphone, read or listen to the descriptions and live the experience to dive into art. Tour Multimediale is meant for permanent and temporary exhibitions and your Museum can create more than one of it, depending on your audience composition and on your activities. Tour Multimediale is also for kids!

Go visit the Intrart website:

A new way of thinking: our philosophy

Today, January 29 2016, we launch our new website where we present the new areas of intervention and services soluzionimuseali-ims is going to offer. Our philosophy, however, remains the one we started with, 12 years ago: global vision and integrated approach to characterize our way of thinking and the way we carry out the projects of our customers. Everything we do aims to promote culture because we believe it is at the basis of all societal activities: economic, political or social. Our intent is to help spread culture as much as possible and to enrich it, make it blossom into new creations, new ideas, new contaminations. In this section, “a new way of thinking …” sitting in an old and comfortable armchair, surrounded by a sea of books, through new techniques and the sharing economy channels, we’ll tell you our method and will share our point of view with you on innovative projects, new goals and visions of communities’ participation.