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Looking inside the “Cabinet” twenty-one years after – S.E. Weil ICOM MEMORIAL LECTURES 2016

In September, this year, the international meeting of museum professionals will renew at the 25th ICOM General Conference in Kyoto. Among the various sessions, to my personal point of view, the ones who are paramount interesting are the memorial lectures and above all the one in memory of Stephen E. Weil . The long-term sight and the sharpness of his thought and analysis I try to summarise in my speech at the general conference in Milan 2016. Here you can read the text.


The Genius of a Place

It happens that when a small town becomes a steady destination of a tourism that seems almost like a pilgrimage, tourism itself might become so invasive to distort the soul of that place and to compromise its balance.

This is the case of Cortona, an old village in Tuscany, which became famous thanks to the success of the best seller “Under the Tuscan Sun” written by Frances Mayes.

The Genius of a Place is an independent documentary, realized by Sarah Marder and Olo Creative Farm, in which the director has followed for five years the life of the inhabitants of the village, investigating the economic development brought by tourism and its related problems.

Art and Neuroscience

I admit […] to have faced the cover of the book with the anguish of being in front of an incomprehensible text of a Nobel Prize, full of formulas and technical terms. This fear, however, has already left me on the first page: Kandel, like the real deep experts, expresses himself with simplicity, making the most complex mechanisms of our brain comprehensible and clear. >>
Here you can find the review in Italian made by Dr. Maria Cristina Vannini to the text by Eric R. Kandel, Arte-e-Neuroscienze-Le-due-culture-a-confronto

The Light beyond the screen

The growing role that technology plays in our lives is a subject of increasing debate ong the employees of the museum sector. soluzionimuseali-ims tried to reason on the topic, wondering if social media is just a new media to implement traditional marketing actions or if it really can manage to establish a deeper conversation with the museum public.
To learn more about this topic, read the first article of our new section the light beyind the screen, entitled Museums and Social Network: when the sharing of culture becomes viral.

Here in Italian Musei e Social Network: quando la condivisione della cultura diventa virale.

Slow Art

soluzionimuseali-ims  sustains a different way to live the experience with art and culture, and finally has found expression to that through the concept of  Slow art as in the book Slow Art. The Experience of Looking, Sacred Images to James Turrell by Arden Reed.


In the next editions of our newsletter, we will provide you the review of the book, in the meantime, we suggest a further reading in Italian:  nuova e lenta tecnica per esperire delle opere d’arte.

Digital transformation e Virtual museums. The new world is already here.

soluzionimuseali-ims contributed to Nancy Proctor‘s participation in a lecture organised by Meet the Media Guru..

The meeting was held in Milan on May 17 and was the occasion to address the theme of digital transformation of museums and cultural heritage.


The idea of Proctor, which we share, is that digital transformation can open doors to new ways of making culture and being a museum. Without undermining conservation and the recovery mission which are at the basis of museums It is now essential to align their communication and exposure to the most current creative languages.


Here you can review the videolecture.


In this regard, we would like to offer you the interesting case of the project “A Voz da Arte“,developed by the Pinacoteca di São Paulo, aiming at making the museum visit a highly interactive experience. Through the IBM Watson artificial intelligence platform, created by IBM Brazil, has been given “voice” to seven works of art, thanks to an application that can answer any question posed by visitors.


The future is in chatbots? Have you tried those of the Circuit of Museum Houses in Milan?


Finally, Vannini was involved in ViMM, a European project led by the Cyprus University of Technology, about Virtual Museums. Can we define exactly what a Virtual Museum is? Can we give a unique definition?

What is Virtual Museum for you? If you want to contribute to the definition, you can go to our Facebook page and write down your definition.

Training courses – lifelong learning process


to learn how to communicate in the visual age.

Contact us to ask for the program and costs


Brand as a tool to communicate your identity and your cultural offer along with your values. Your museum is a unique experience.


quality levels for regional recognition

soluzionimuseali-ims organizes refresher and training courses on the areas of Ministerial Decree 113 of 21 February 2018 (Adoption of uniform minimum levels of quality for museums and places of culture of public belonging and activation of the National Museum System) for recognition at the level regional and national.

soluzionimuseali-ims awarded with the F@IMP prize for Websites and WebArt

Last November 2016, soluzionimuseali-ims was awarded with the third prize in the International Award F@IMP2016 in the category webart and websites, for the online exhibition www.milanocittà, during the ceremony organised by Avicom ICOM at the National Humgarian Museum, Budapest.

Here you can download the press release in Italian: 20161124_CS_PREMIO

weRstory – a product for the industrial culture

We are honoured to introduce you our product weRstory: storytelling for the creation of an industrial culture.

soluzionimuseali-ims guarantees the standard levels achieved in the museum field to the companies’ storytelling. 1stpage

An archive, a temporary shop or installation, an exhibition, a company museum are what weRstory can help Companies with.

Here:  weRstory presentation