La porta sull’arte, real space opened in correspondence of the XIIth Day of Contemporary Art, now turns into a fluid, virtual space, hosting info and interviews on exhibitions, museum concepts, art.

La porta sull’arte is established as a temporary artistic intervention in a private space, accessible to everyone, by the idea of soluzionimuseali-ims, Alessandro Cocchieri and Sara Minotti, on the occasion of the AMACI (Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums) XII Day of the Contemporary Art.

This idea gave birth to the production of contemporary art exhibitions and exhibitions about other topics. The catalogue will be online soon.

The space that housed the first initiative was our professional studio where everyday activities mingle and engage with the work on display and with many trades related to the promotion of art.

We wanted to launch a new concept of private open space to the contemporary enthusiasts: inside the door, the visitor will find not only the finished work, but the professional context that led to its creation.

For the first edition of La porta sull’arte, we chose to promote “Dialoghi di Fumo” by Giulio Calegari, Pier Paolo Ceccarini and Cesare Franco Zanetti, part of the collective NucleoX, a collective of artists and researchers of different ages and backgrounds: teachers and students of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, side by side in a multifaceted experimentation aimed at merging different personalities in a continuous process of exchange and dialogue.







di Giulio Calegari, Pier Paolo Ceccarini e Franco Cesare Zanetti, part of NucleoX

for more details see the Italian version or contact us in order to get the contacts with the artists.

In order to activate the installation, you can download AURASMA application, follow the “Dialoghi di Fumo” channel, focus the image on the screen and ejoy the multimediality of this work of art.



Opening of L'a - DIALOGHI DI FUMO