Name That Art

soluzionimuseali-ims believes that culture can and should reach everyone, from the oldest to the youngest.

In this first newsletter of 2018 we want to reflect on the role of mediation that museums and other cultural institutions can have towards new generations; an educational mediation capable of promoting a different critical thinking especially in the youngest, and of encouraging them to adopt and redefine the common feeling of the society in which they live and of which they are an integral part, starting from that cultural, historical and anthropological heritage that represents and belongs to them.


Google Arts and Culture has produced a series of videos entitled Name That Art, in which children are placed in front of different artworks, leaving them free to describe them to adults. On the other side there are two experts: critics, curators, professors, trying to understand what the name of that artworks. The results are fun and often enlightening: the eyes of the child, not influenced by notions and prejudices, often reveal unusual details, or provide new interpretations that do not fail to make people think.