The space that hosted our first initiative is our workplace. Here daily activities connect with the artwork and with the many crafts connected with the promotion of art.

We decided to launch a new concept of private space, open to those passionate about contemporary art.  Once they cross the door, the visitors will find both the finished artwork and the professional workplace that brought forward its realisation.

For our first edition, we decided to promote the art installation “Dialoghi di Fumo”. The authors (Giulio Calegari, Pier Paolo Ceccarini and Franco Cesare Zanetti) are part of the art collective Nucleo X, a group of artists and researchers of different age and experiences. Teachers and students alike of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera working alongside each other in an experimental project that aims to unite different personalities in constant conversation with each other.


dialoghi_fumo_marcatoreDIALOGHI DI FUMO 

Giulio Calegari, Pier Paolo Ceccarini e Franco Cesare Zanetti, Art Collective NucleoX

The artwork, exposed from 15th to 21st October 2016 in our offices in Via Trebbia 33 in Milan represents an interesting research that aims to unite different experiences and expressive techniques used to explore a syncretic language trough the artwork, in which traditional painting and contemporary technology live together.  In the work, an oil-painted great smoke is brought to life thanks to new technologies.

The artwork has a starting moment following the ignition of a fire with a linchpin and flint, a most ancient human gesture connected with modern technology.

The Artwork was first realised and presented during Stazione Creativa at Spazio Mil, Carroponte (Sesto San Giovanni) from 9 April to 12 May 2016.

This initiative was connected with the exhibition “STUDIO AZZURRO. Immagini sensibili” at Palazzo Reale, Milan.

The artwork needs to be read in the context of this first presentation, in a space strongly influenced by the theme of work – in the tradition of heavy mechanics and trough the different phases of the Italian industrial development, which included at times the Arms Industry.

The artwork can be then understood also as a conversation on social themes, an approach in which “Art becomes politics”.

In this work, the smoke moves on the canvas barely showing images that are connected to the industrial space for which it was originally intended: melting irons, lifting hooks and scaffolds, workers in between clouds and smokes, where you can glimpse shell casings and warheads as well.

Chemistry is present as well, with its colours that often paint the spaces of the research done at the service of production.

Inaugurazione di L'a - DIALOGHI DI FUMO

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