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Name That Art

soluzionimuseali-ims believes that culture can and should reach everyone, from the oldest to the youngest.

In this first newsletter of 2018 we want to reflect on the role of mediation that museums and other cultural institutions can have towards new generations; an educational mediation capable of promoting a different critical thinking especially in the youngest, and of encouraging them to adopt and redefine the common feeling of the society in which they live and of which they are an integral part, starting from that cultural, historical and anthropological heritage that represents and belongs to them.


Google Arts and Culture has produced a series of videos entitled Name That Art, in which children are placed in front of different artworks, leaving them free to describe them to adults. On the other side there are two experts: critics, curators, professors, trying to understand what the name of that artworks. The results are fun and often enlightening: the eyes of the child, not influenced by notions and prejudices, often reveal unusual details, or provide new interpretations that do not fail to make people think.

News to be remembered #4-2017

Training courses – lifelong learning process


to learn how to communicate in the visual age.

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Brand as a tool to communicate your identity and your cultural offer along with your values. Your museum is a unique experience.


quality levels for regional recognition

soluzionimuseali-ims organizes refresher and training courses on the areas of Ministerial Decree 113 of 21 February 2018 (Adoption of uniform minimum levels of quality for museums and places of culture of public belonging and activation of the National Museum System) for recognition at the level regional and national.

Report: Intercultural dialogue in shared spaces. European professionist in the Cultural field talk to EU Commission




In March and April, the consortiu, Voices of Culture, on behalf of the European Commission, invited 35 participants to discuss and gather together the main messages they would like to convey to the European Commission. These messages was then presented and discussed in the Dialogue Meeting with the European Commission and to the representatives of the Open Method of Coordination.

The report here 20160628_Brainstorming Report ICD is available for the use you might accord to it and for the dissemination.

Let’s celebrate the Darwin Day 2016 – Natural History Museum of Milan


The Natural History Museum of Milan chooses a topic on the sexual strategies and reproduction that will be illustrated by specialists in different sectors of evolution. From the 18th to the 21st of Febrauary at the Natural History Museum of Milan. It will be interesting to take part in this debate with many implications in present time society.

To download the programme, you can find it here: Darwin_Day_2016_Milano:  COSÌ FAN TUTTI: Strategie sessuali e riproduzione nel mondo vivente

Has the diversity of students in your country changed in the past years?

Reshared post from +European Commission

Has the diversity of students in your country changed in the past years? According to a report published today, not enough countries are using the information they collect on higher education to improve their universities and the opportunities they offer for students.

The report shows that, although many countries collect information about their student populations, data analysis is often not linked to concrete objectives (such as ensuring access of disadvantaged students to higher education), and many countries are unaware if their student population is becoming more diverse (see picture).

Higher education needs to do more to respond to areas of weakness