Interview to Amalia Del Ponte

As you know, we had the pleasure to work for the exhibition of Amalia Del Ponte, Onde lunghe e brevissime at the Studio Museum Francesco Messina in Milan, exhibition curated by Eleonora Fiorani. An exhibition of great emotional impact thanks to the works and videos of the Milanese sculptor who was awarded in 1973 the prestigious First International Prize for Sculpture of …

soluzionimuseali-ims awarded with the F@IMP prize for Websites and WebArt

Last November 2016, soluzionimuseali-ims was awarded with the third prize in the International Award F@IMP2016 in the category webart and websites, for the online exhibition www.milanocittà, during the ceremony organised by Avicom ICOM at the National Humgarian Museum, Budapest. Here you can download the press release in Italian: 20161124_CS_PREMIO