What we do

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We support public and private institutions to conceive, design and organise museum and cultural projects at a high level of quality.
We take care of the entire cultural management process:
conception, planning, realisation, reporting.
We are committed to the enhancement of tangible and intangible cultural heritage
for the well-being of communities.

A NEW WAY OF THINKING...since 2004

Since we started working with and for museums and on cultural projects in 2004, we have always believed that every new project must start with a new way of thinking.
A museum and any cultural project has not only the task of collecting or displaying knowledge: they are places for the continuous creation of knowledge, artistic manifestations, new educational experiences and learning experiences. At the same time, the cultural offer must not forget to be an instrument of well-being, recreation and pleasure.
A museum can satisfy the unexpressed needs of an articulate and diverse society, offering different interpretations of the past and what we want our future to be.
A museum, a cultural event, can use all tools and techniques to communicate its stories, but they must not lose physical, emotional contact with visitors.
A museum does not exist without an audience: the museum is a cultural expression of our world and renews its cultural creation every day through and in relation to citizen participation.


soluzionimuseali-ims applies the four-stages method  AVEA.

Every client is unique and we have to listen attentively to them to get to know, understand and help them assess their inner needs. To do so, we have to know, study and share their working environment and what is around them.
This method leads us to use a holistic approach during the analysis and the final development, allowing us to gather different perspectives and maintain a 360-degree view of the project.



marketing, communication and internationalisation


training classes, workshops design and delivery


cultural projects and events planning and management


cultural content design


display design & production


contemporary art exhibition planning & production