Creation of the online exhibition Milano città immaginata. 10 projects from the archives of CASVA. Exhibition structure idea, art direction, content coordination, writing texts for the exhibition, videos, translations, animations.


CASVA Centro di Alti Studi delle Arti Visive, Comune di Milano




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The online exhibition "Milano città immaginata: 10 progetti dagli archivi del CASVA (Milan Imagined City: 10 Projects from the CASVA Archives)" was created thanks to the co-production between soluzionimuseali-ims and CASVA, the Center for Advanced Studies in Visual Arts. 

This initiative aimed to bring to the attention of the general public the existence of CASVA and its valuable archives, demonstrating that archival documents related to urban and architectural projects can tell fascinating stories even to those outside the field.

The exhibition's structure was designed to offer personalized navigation of the contents, allowing for multi-level exploration in a welcoming environment with accessible and engaging language. The visit process was conceived to capture the interest of "potential visitors" from the very first stages, through the use of posters displayed in the city, easy access via QRCode, and the presence of animated videos.

The activities carried out for the realization of the exhibition included the design of the exhibition structure, artistic direction, content coordination, text editing, video production, translations and animations.

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