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Investing in culture and in promoting cultural heritage is the best way to produce richness and wellness for the society.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning for the communities' activation and an appropriate enhancement of your cultural assets.

We assist cultural institutions in better organizing their resources to achieve their goals. Branding and fundraising strategies, feasibility studies, business plans and management plans, studies for compliance with quality standards, and marketing and merchandising plans.
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Content Design & Production

Research, analysis, organization of cultural content, and communication strategies to make the content of your project accessible and appealing.

We design cultural content. A museum, an exhibition, a workshop, a guided tour, a video, a website, a brochure, a book... are just tools to narrate the stories of your museum and your territory, to communicate stories and experiences. We know how to help you build your content, tracking down materials and sources, creating narrative threads most suited to your goals and mission.
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Exhibit Design

Design and creation of permanent and temporary installations and other exhibition solutions.

We design and create setups, graphics, videos, photographic services, installations, and everything needed to stage the stories of your collections. We can advise on the most innovative products in AI, VR, and the metaverse. A museum always within reach. Custom showcases for every type of setup, also available for rent. PopUp Museum, a product to renew the approach to the museum using temporary promotional techniques that bring art and culture directly to where there is a chance to intercept a broader and less accustomed audience to culture.
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Design and organization of training activities for updating and capacity building in strategic fields for museum management and cultural planning.

We design and organize training activities to help achieve or maintain the quality standards necessary for regional and national recognition.
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Event Management

Conception, design, organization and management of cultural events and projects on your behalf or in collaboration.

We organize and manage cultural events and projects. Exhibitions, events, courses produced by us or managed by us, for which we also take care of communication and promotion.
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La Porta sull’Arte

Catalogue of available exhibitions. Conception, design and organization of contemporary art exhibitions through contacts with our international network.

Contemporary art promotion & exhibitions catalogue.
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