Who we are

Professionals united by a passion for Cultural Heritage

We are a group of professionals coming from different fields, sharing a passion for the Cultural Heritage.

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What we do

We support public and private institutions to conceive, design and organise museum and cultural projects at a high level of quality.
We take care of the entire cultural management process: conception, planning, realisation, reporting.
We handle content, exhibitions, communication and promotion for the definition of appropriate cultural policies.
We are committed to the enhancement of tangible and intangible cultural heritage for the well-being of communities.

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A new way of thinking... since 2004

Since we started working with and for museums and on cultural projects in 2004, we have always believed that every new project must start with a new way of thinking.
A new project must start from a new way of thinking about culture and how to create, enhance and enjoy it, transversally to any other activity in our lives, considering the right of every individual to culture and teaching its duties.
Indeed… without culture, what place would the world be.

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AVEA method

soluzionimuseali-ims applies the four-stages method  AVEA.
Every client is unique and we have to listen attentively to them to get to know, understand and help them assess their inner needs. To do so, we have to know, study and share their working environment and what is around them.
This method leads us to use a holistic approach during the analysis and the final development, allowing us to gather different perspectives and maintain a 360-degree view of the project.

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Our Team

Our collaborators and consultants are professionals with established experience in the museum sector.

We work with experts in cultural and tourism management and marketing, project managers, designers, videomakers, anthropologists, copywriters, architects, and data analysts.

M. Cristina Vannini

Founder, Managing Director 

Our Staff

Our collaborators, partners, and consultants 

Our Partners

YAS Management Reform

YAS Management Reform

Dubai, UAE

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Asset Web Advisors

Asset Web Advisors

Milan, Italy

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